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Wattakgoda Spices, previously trading as as Wattakgoda Producers, began operations in 1972 as a trusted and consistent provider of Ceylon Cinnamon and other spices to local and foreign buyers. The buying office in Akuressa where it all began, continues be the main buying office of Wattakgoda Spices. The company buys its produce from smallholder farmers and trusted middlemen who, day in day out, bring their produce to the company. The company specifies its buying price and acceptable moisture content at the buying office for all to see. The buying season is typically from May to February with the company being seen as a market leader when it comes to specifying the buying price.

Ceylon Cinnamon

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History of

Ceylon Cinnamon

Ceylon Cinnamon which is indigenous to Sri Lanka has a proud history dating back to ancient times. The climatic conditions of Sri Lanka are considered ideal for the growth of Ceylon Cinnamon. Historical mention of this spice dates back to 1270.

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Reasons to Choose

Sri Lankan Spices

Unique Aroma

Ceylon Cinnamon and other spices are well known for their rich aromas.

Rich Flavor

Ceylon spices are used in many food items to add flavor.


Ceylon spices are differentiated in their taste and fragrance.

High Quality

Ceylon spices are grown and processed with great care.

Why Choose

Wattakgoda Spices

A renowned name in the international spices market, Watttakgoda Spices has kept your trust for more than four decades, especially as an exporter of Ceylon Cinnamon, since the turn of the millennium.. In addition to the prestigious history, the company is certified for its excellence as a spice processor with its ISO 22000 certification. In addition to our main buying offices in Akuressa and Hittatiya, we will soon be opening our own buying centers in the southern province of Sri Lanka.

Benefits of

Ceylon Cinnamon


South American buyer

We can rely on Wattakgoda Spices for consistent supply of quality Ceylon Cinnamon, a product that has no parallel anywhere else in the world. Their customer service is also very sincere and dependable

Our Awards

Wattakgoda Spices improved its operational and people centric processes and was recognized with ISO 22000 certification. This certification comes along with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) recognition.

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Why choose Ceylon Cinnamon and the Benefits of it

Ceylon Cinnamon, which comes from the Pearl of the Indian Ocean is not merely a spice, but a medicine which is used as a home remedy in many circumstances. Considered as the only “true” cinnamon which vastly differs from Cassia, Ceylon Cinnamon stands out because of its distinct taste and varied medicine value.

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6 Ways to use cinnamon in day-to-day lifestyle

Super popular as a remedy that can be used for weight loss, cinnamon is not only known as a spice to be added in the food you consume, but also as a medicine. Amidst the countries which export Cinnamon, Ceylon Cinnamon coming from Sri Lanka is renowned. Amongst the exporters of Ceylon Cinnamon

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